notations I





View a selection of recent paintings and installations of the artist - individual works as well as sequences of series such as Brain Blitz, Variation and Notations.

The narrative of Mani Nejad's works mainly taps into explorations of imagination and mindscapes. A varied vocabulary of floating, dynamic forms and complex composition opens up broad space for association and allusion. At the same time a decidedly abstract approach merged with self restrained colors sets a clear-cut framework; it visually guides ...

... the viewer through layers, gravitations, easings and gestural moves and makes the visceral underlying structure shine up. The creative process itself is mainly based on the concept of constant reflection: compiling impressions of everyday life and reconfiguring them in a stream of consciousness like manner.

The plethoric nature of contemporary life naturally inhabits theis working method and makes it thus a relevant tool in translating messages of the personal and social sphere into visual cues.


Mani Nejad studied visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich/ Germany (Kunstakademie München) as well as sociology and philosophy at the Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich/ Germany. His works have been exhibited in solo and group shows in Europe, the United States and Canada and are to be found in private and public collections.


Photography has always been an integral part of the Mani Nejad's overall creative process. It is both a pool of constant inspiration and a section of the artist's work in its own right. While being a different medium Mani Nejad's photographs still connect to his paintings and drawings: it is obvious that they're shot with the eye of a painter showing an uncanny sense of composition and aesthetic form.


The artist's interest in photography though is not so much focused on documentation but rather on the opportunity to catch sudden pictorial effects that are sometimes highlighted by blurs and intended vagueness. The play of light and shadow, hidden structures that turn everyday objets into works of serialism, unexpected visual qualities ...

... of profane material and surfaces - it's the small details and unspectacular objects and moments that are put in the spotlight. Mani Nejad identifies and carves out their intrinsic aesthetic characteristics, their unseen visual rhythms and subtle lyrics. Spontaneousness and immediacy makes the photographs stand out with regard to form and content. Their mission is to be visually attentive to our daily surroundings and to have our qualities of perception, curiosity and aesthetic appreciation reinvigorated.

Notations I
diptych _ oil and acrylic on canvas _ 300 x 200 cm _ 118 x 78 inch