Photography has always been an integral part of the artist’s overall creative process. It is both a pool of constant inspiration and a section of Mani Nejad’s work in its own right.

While being a different medium the photographs still form a nexus towards the artists paintings and drawings and it is obvious that they’re shot with the eye of a painter, showing an uncanny sense of composition and aesthetic form.


Mani Nejad’s interest in photography though is not so much focused on documentation but rather on the opportunity to catch sudden painting-like effects that are sometimes highlighted by murkiness, inaccuracies and unsharpness. The play of light and shadow, hidden structures taht turn everyday objets into works of serialism of constructivism, unexpected visual qualities …

… of profane material and surfaces: It is the small details and unspectacular objects and moments that are put in the spotlight. Mani Nejad identifies and carves out theri intrinsic aesthetic characteristics, their unseen visual rhythms and subtle lyrics.

Spontaneous immediacy makes the photographs stand out with regard to formal and content-related aspects. Their mission is to be visually attentive to one’s immediate daily surroundings and to have our qualities of perception, curiosity and appreciation reinvigorated.